Office 365 administrator's guide

This document outlines the key information for Office 365 domain administrators, when their organisations are using MindMup to store maps.

Using MindMup with an Office 365 account

You can use MindMup with an Office 365 account in two ways:

MindMup is a cloud-based software as a service solution, so no installation is needed. With integrated SSO (single-sign on), MindMup automates user provision and most of the onboarding tasks. For detailed information on user onboarding, check out the tutorial on Onboaridng Organisatinal Users


MindMup is free to use anonymously. The free version does not allow collaborative editing, authentication, organisational controls or integration with Microsoft Teams.

With an optional MindMup Gold subscription, you can activate integrated Azure AD/Office 365 single sign-on, Microsoft Teams integration and administrative privacy controls for your users (such as preventing document sharing outside your organisation), as well as support for collaborative editing.

Sign up your organisation for Gold using the Organisational Gold Subscription page. For more information, and personal subscription information, see the MindMup Gold page.

Installing MindMup for Teams

MindMup for Microsoft Teams is available via Microsoft AppSource. Check Sharing with Microsoft Teams for more information on how to activate this feature. Teams integration is offered at no additional cost to all new and existing Organisational MindMup Gold subscribers, but it has to be additionally activated due to increased security permissions.

Security and Privacy

MindMup hosts user documents using Amazon S3 storage in the us-east-1 region (North Virginia, US).

Data is encrypted at transit and (for anything created or updated after 24 June 2020) encrypted at rest.

The Data Security page has detailed technical information on that.

What can MindMup access on Microsoft Graph?

If you need more technical information, the exact Microsoft Graph scopes MindMup requests are:

GDPR, Privacy policy, terms of use

See the resources page on this site for up-to-date terms of use, privacy policy and GDPR compliance information.

More information

If you require any further information, please contact us.